Wedding videos in kerala seen

wedding videos in kerala seen

this 90 minute wedding ceremony was attended by close friends and family members. And in case you are wondering how did the couple held their breaths under the Arabian Sea, they went for a 2 day long training in diving   breath control prior to their D Day. We first met 7 months ago in Kovalam, she went back to her native town and returned a month ago. Ankita rocked all her events perfectly. Some dreamy destination, may be with lot of flowers and traditional elements along with a extra ordinary photo shoot? Home, tags Watch Video And See Pictures.

Indias: Wedding videos in kerala seen

Nikhil, the groom who is a diving master at the Bond Ocean Safari in Kovalam, pulling off this underwater wedding was not at all a difficult task. Each operate, WOW!, mighty celebration, because of the energy with which relatives celebrated. Wedding was surely not in the plan then but we were confident of taking our relationship to the next level, hence we decided to the take the plunge! Where their intimacy varieties non temporal force by means of ecstasy and sorrow. Consequently it is a first-class pleasure working with you and both families. This is the 1st underwater Indian Wedding  which took place in Kerala. A relationship that proceed to constructed love day-to-day throughout their ride.- Classical Kerala Hindu Wedding.

Wedding videos in kerala seen - Kerala

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What is the wedding of your dreams made of? The couple also stated that they will have another formal wedding ceremony in Slovakia. Food menu which will bring all sorts of mouth watering cuisines? They organised the under water wedding by creating a special stage in the deep blue sea made up of coconut palms, wood and leaves. And of direction for being married! Their marriage symbolises the love, love and enthusiasm among each and every other. As this couple from Kerala has decided to go off beat and took their water baby label on themselves to a whole new level, because they got hitched underwater. And the efforts they took to ensure each visitor had a exceptional time. Accordingly, thank you for having us with you as part of your wedding. And had one-of-a-kind outlook also.

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